What Is Dog Insurance?

If you find yourself asking “what is dog insurance?” please first understand that dog insurance is a generic term used to refer to a number of different types of insurance which all relate to dogs.

There are a variety of different dog insurance policies to cover people such as dog owners, landlords, renters, dog experts such as dog trainers, dog groomers and dog walkers. Continue reading

Dog Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance usually includes dog liability cover. If you have dog homeowners insurance, this is the insurance to protect you in case your dog bites someone and you get sued by the victim. However you need to check specifically with your insurance company because many of them have exclusions for dogs or they exclude particular breeds of dogs. Continue reading

Life Insurance for Dogs

If you are a dog breeder or you own a show dog you may want to consider life insurance for dogs. Even if you are a normal dog owner and you don’t enter shows or plan to do any dog breeding you may still be interested in a policy of life insurance for dogs because you own a very expensive breed of dog. Continue reading

Dog Travel Insurance

If you travel with your dog you’ve probably already found that it is difficult to get dog travel insurance. If you live in the United States this is not a readily available insurance policy, unlike the situation in the United Kingdom where dog travel insurance tends to be available for trips up to 28 days duration. However, if you do need dog travel insurance in the United States then there are two approaches to it. Continue reading