7 Reasons To Get Dog Insurance

One: You Own Property

If you own property or any other valuable assets and you own a dog then it is essential that you hold dog liability insurance. If your darling little pooch unexpectedly bites someone they could sue you for a lot of money. Dogs can behave unpredictably at unexpected times so never assume your dog won’t bite a person or another dog.
You should also be aware that dogs can easily cause accidents. Accidents that involve cars, bikes, children, elderly persons, other pets, or property can be very expensive, especially if there are large medical bills involved.
Even small dogs can unintentionally trip people on stairs or dig under a fence and escape to cause mischief. Of course, it is not every insurance policy that will cover all these scenarios so you need to do your research and find the dog liability insurance you need. Sometimes you can package your dog liability insurance together with another policy to gain a saving on your premiums.

Two: It’s A Legal Requirement

Many states require dog liability insurance in addition to dog registration. You’ll need to check the legal requirements for your state or locality. Once you know what the requirements are you can get quotes for the correct policy. If you have more than one dog make sure your insurer knows this. It may be a requirement that you nominate each pet that you own for the purpose of insurance.
It’s also important to ensure that your insurance company covers your breed of dog. Most insurers have a list of so-called “dangerous dogs” that they don’t cover. You may be surprised to see that your dog is on the dangerous dog list. If this is the case, consider getting specialized insurance through canine liability cover. There are a number of insurance companies that offer liability insurance for “dangerous dogs” so don’t despair. There will be a way to get insurance it just means you may need to make more phone calls or send more emails to find it.

Three: You Own A Pure-Bred Dog

If you own a pure-bred dog it is statistically more likely to suffer from health problems. Numerous breeds are known for having a higher risk of hip dysplasia and some breeds suffer eye problems in the pure-bred offspring. If you are considering getting a pure-bred puppy it is obviously worth checking on what testing can be done at the puppy stage. It is also worth checking whether you can get dog health insurance, also known as pet insurance.
There are many variations in pet insurance policies. You can get basic cover to pay for the veterinarian costs outlaid as a result of an accident suffered by your dog or you can get full accident, disease and wellness policies that include options like a regular check-up. Obviously the premiums for these policies vary greatly depending on what events are included, what age your dog is, the breed of your dog and where you live. As a result it is always worth getting a few quotes before your commit to a policy.

Four: You’re Starting A Dog Business

A lot of people like the idea of owning their own business, being their own boss and doing something they actually want to do. If you are thinking about starting a dog business you’ll need the appropriate business insurance.
It is easy to consider starting a dog walking business because you often don’t need to purchase equipment or an expensive vehicle. Even if you are starting out on your own without employing staff you still need to consider getting dog walker liability insurance. Contact your insurer for a quote.
If you are thinking about starting a dog grooming business there are a number of insurances to consider. It all depends on where you’re operating from and how you run the business. If you offer dog grooming services from premises there is property insurance to consider. If you are using a mobile dog grooming trailer you’ll need vehicle insurance.
There are lots of other policies to consider for a dog grooming business in addition to those mentioned above. Professional liability insurance, loss of income insurance, workers compensation insurance if you employ staff and the list goes on. Luckily most insurance companies will offer you a total package of dog grooming business insurance if you are starting a new business.
If you provide boarding kennels or doggy-day-care you’ll also need insurance. Your insurance provider can help you with more details.

Five: You’re A Dog Breeder

If you’re a dog breeder you’ll likely want to consider insurance policies such as life insurance for dogs as well as dog health insurance. If you have a rare breed or specific dogs that you rely on for producing income you may want to speak to you insurance company about life insurance for your dogs. There may be other types of insurance such as those policies that cover loss of income you’ll want to consider. These policies are usually tailored to the individual business so you’ll need to get a detailed quote for your specific business requirements.
There will be other business-like insurances that you could consider as a dog breeder so discuss these with an insurance advisor.

Six: Your Dog Is Still A Puppy

Puppies are lovable but they are also very silly and often lacking sense. Before your puppy is trained there is a high risk of him running in front of a moving car if he escapes from you and has access to a road. Obviously no dog owner ever wants to face this scenario but sometimes these things are out of our control.
If your dog causes an accident there are two types of insurance that may be relevant. First, if your dog is liable for injuring persons or property you may be making a claim on your dog liability insurance. Second, if your dog is injured in an accident you will be able to claim part of the veterinarian costs on your pet insurance policy.
The most important advice anyone can receive regarding this scenario is that you can’t get insurance cover after the event. You need to have your insurance in place before you face such a disaster.
Remember when a new dog joins your family, acquire the necessary insurance as soon as you can.

Seven: You Love Your Dog

Dog health insurance, also known as pet insurance, is one of the most comforting policies you can have if your dog becomes seriously ill.
These days dogs can be given MRI scans, x-rays and chemo-therapy. There are many expensive medications used to treat dogs who are suffering from illness or accident.
If your dog is in this situation it is comforting to know that a lot of the expense will be covered by your pet insurance, depending on your policy. A lot of dog owners have to make the agonizing decision of whether they can afford thousands of dollars worth of treatment as the only alternative to euthanasia.
It is a heart-breaking decision when you love your dog but if you have a comprehensive pet insurance policy it may make your decision a lot easier.

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