Canine Liability Insurance

Canine liability insurance is another type of insurance covering liability for dogs. Its main purpose is to protect the dog owner if their dog bites someone.

If you do not have dog homeowners insurance because your insurer has excluded your dog from the policy then you may need to consider canine liability insurance. Similarly, if you have also exhausted all attempts at obtaining umbrella insurance or excess insurance (because your cover was too low) then you will need to get quotes for canine liability insurance.

Canine liability insurance is a special type of insurance specifically for dog owners. It does not overlap with any other type of insurance and is usually a stand-alone product. It is not offered by all insurance companies so you will need to make a few inquiries before you find a policy that suits you. This type of insurance is more expensive than other types of dog insurance but it is usually not a prohibitive cost. As long as your dog has not bitten anyone the annual premium is usually still affordable. Unfortunately, if your dog has bitten before then it may be extremely difficult to get insurance, or extremely expensive. The premiums in this case would be in excess of $1,000 per annum.

The importance of having canine liability insurance lies in the fact that most dogs, when they do bite, tend to bite a friend, family member or neighbour. When this happens it puts the dog owner in a difficult position because they have to continue a social relationship with the person who is the victim of their dog’s bite. If the victim sues the dog owner for injuries, losses and damages this can put enormous financial strain on the dog owner and possibly destroy them financially. In order to maintain any semblance of a normal relationship with the friend, family member or neighbor who has been bitten, you need to be covered for the liability. The situation can be worse if your dog bites a child. Canine liability insurance can help provide peace of mind should the unthinkable ever happen and your dog bites someone.

When you get quotes for canine liability insurance you should aim for at least $100,000 cover. Preferably higher, especially if you have a medium or large sized dog. In this case opt for $300,000 cover or higher if you are given the choice.

When you are obtaining dog insurance quotes you will need to prepare first by having information about your dog handy. You should know details which include your dog’s breed, age, weight, gender, history of biting and State of residence. It is also to your advantage if you have evidence of dog obedience training. Obviously this helps to show obedience in your dog but it will also help to show responsibility in the dog owner.