Dog Dental Insurance

When you are considering getting dog health insurance make sure you also inquire about dog dental insurance. This is usually a separate policy which can be taken in addition to dog health insurance.

There are two different types of dog dental insurance.

First, there is the policy that covers routine dental care such as an annual cleaning. This is good practice to prevent the more serious problems but you can also learn how to clean your own dog’s teeth. Plenty of dogs will happily tolerate their owner cleaning their teeth every now and then. Once you learn how to do it and get your dog used to it you can save a lot of money. It is especially important to start brushing your dog’s teeth when he is a puppy because he will tolerate it better. Just a quick warning, do not use toothpaste sold for humans, invest in toothpaste specially formulated for dogs or you may make your dog sick. Dog dental insurance that only covers wellness dental visits will still usually have a limit on the amount the policy pays out per visit. Therefore, even with dog dental insurance you will still be out of pocket for routine dental care despite the insurance cover.

Second, there is dog dental insurance that covers non-routine dental work. This type of policy usually won’t cover the routine dental visits as well. Cover for non-routine dental visits may include serious dental work such as root canal or tooth extraction. You should remember that when a dog needs dental work it is not a simple procedure. Animals need to undergo general anesthesia for the work to be done on their teeth. This involves extra staff to monitor the anesthesia and another person to do the dental work. This can be quite costly.

When you are getting quotes for dog dental insurance you should remember to ask about deductibles and co-pays. These will amount to out of pocket expenses for you. It is also important to find out if the policy covers all the drugs used during dental procedures on dogs. It is also good to know whether the dog dental insurance covers all procedures or whether you are only covered for the cheapest option. There are many options now in dog dentistry and if you want your dog to keep his teeth into old age it is best that you know you have this covered in your policy. Make sure you are covered for more than just tooth extraction.

Dog dental insurance is almost always excluded from dog health insurance so if you’re interested in it get a quote at the same time as you make inquiries for the health cover. If you want to take a policy for dental later the premiums will increase with the age of the dog and, most importantly, you may find it difficult to get dog dental insurance at all if your dog is quite old.