Dog Grooming Business Insurance

When you start a dog grooming business there are legal and insurance requirements to
complete before you start advertising and taking clients. Dog grooming business
insurance is a necessity for a business owner and often a legal requirement within
most states.

Insurance is multi-faceted and complex but don’t let this put you off because dog
grooming business insurance is easy to acquire. You can obtain separate policies to
cover separate elements of your business or get it all bundled into one policy.

Have you considered professional liability insurance, property insurance, commercial
liability insurance and workers’ compensation? For an explanation on each, see below
to consider whether you want to include them as part of your dog grooming business

Do you have a mobile dog grooming van or trailer? If so, there are different issues
to consider before acquiring insurance. Have you considered injuries to yourself as
well as injuries to the dogs in your care? Do you employ other people in your
business? These are the types of questions you need to ask before determining what
type of dog grooming business insurance you need.

Ask yourself…what does your dog grooming business insurance need to cover?

When considering property insurance for your dog grooming business you may want to
make sure you’re covered for accident and fire to your building, van or mobile
trailer. You will need to find out whether your insurer provides cover for when you
work offsite, for example, operating from your trailer or mobile van.

Another question is whether your vehicle, or more particularly the business trailer
part of your vehicle, is covered for liability if involved in an accident while
driving or parked for work purposes. While you’re covering the mobile transport
insurance issues you should also consider whether your mobile van or trailer is
insured to cover liability claims against you for personal or property damage that
arise whether it is driven by yourself or another person such as an employee.

Next ask yourself whether you need dog grooming business insurance to cover injuries
to yourself and injuries to employees or independent contractors who do work for
you. Every business owner should answer yes to this question unless the insurance is
covered by another type of policy that you or your employee already holds.

When it comes to professional liability insurance you need to be aware there is
potential liability if you fail to render your professional services in an adequate
manner. It is also important to discover whether your insurance provider requires
you to hold certification from a state licensed dog grooming school. Another point
to consider is that The National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. provides
education and conducts certification testing that some insurance companies require
you to obtain.

One of the most important issues to consider is that of injury or death of a dog
while in your care. Keep in mind that your insurance should cover this situation
should the worst case scenario ever happen to you or someone working for you in your
dog grooming business. You need to know whether you are covered no matter whether
the incident is as a result of your own actions or not. The fact that the dog is in
your care when something happens to it is enough to cause you potential liability.

If you want to run your own dog grooming business from your house rather than from
commercial premises ask your insurer whether the insurance covers all aspects of
your business. There may be limitations in place.

If you’ve educated yourself in advance about dog grooming business insurance you’ll
know what to ask your insurance provider. Be sure to ask lots of questions before
you commit to a policy so you know what you’re getting.

Once you’ve answered the questions above, plus any extra ones you think of, it is
time to work out which types of dog grooming business insurance cover each of these

Types of insurance for a Dog Grooming Business:

Commercial general liability insurance – this type of insurance is mainly for
liability which arises from claims made by other people for damage or injury.

Business property insurance – this property insurance usually protects you from

physical damage to buildings and the contents or equipment within those buildings.

Business income insurance – usually protects you for lost profits as a result of
damage to your business premises.

Business automobile insurance – this is usually liability coverage to protect you
against claims made due to personal injury or property damage caused by an accident
involving your vehicle. You need to inquire whether your insurer covers the cost of
the conversion to create your dog groomer van or trailer or whether they only cover
the base cost of the van/trailer before conversion.

Workers’ Compensation insurance – this type of insurance covers accidental
injury/death or occupational diseases arising out of the course of employment.

Professional liability insurance – this type of insurance should protect you and
your employees from claims brought against your dog grooming business for rendering
or failing to render your professional services in the course of your operation.

Customers’ pet dog insurance – this type of insurance usually covers you for
injuries or death of a client’s dog while it is in your care or under your control.

Ask whether you are covered by this insurance even if you are not legally liability
for the injury or death of the dog. Some policies require liability to be proven
before a payout is approved (obviously this is not to your advantage).

Mobile dog grooming insurance – if you have a mobile business you need to find out
whether your van or mobile trailer is insured for loss of business income due to
loss of use. This should include lost business profits if you are unable to continue
to use it due to an accident and you suffer loss of income. This type of coverage
should not be confused with loss of income on a standard business insurance policy
which will not normally extend to the loss of use of your van or trailer.