Dog Insurance Quotes

When you first consider getting dog insurance quotes there are a number of questions you should ask yourself before you pick up the phone or start giving your details over the internet.

Decide which dog insurance policies you are interested in and more importantly if you are interested in obtaining policies for several types of dog insurance be sure to make this decision before you start getting your dog insurance quotes because you can save a lot of money with some insurance companies by bundling all your policies together.

Always start getting your dog insurance quotes from the company you already have your other insurances with. The reason for this is that you may already have dog homeowners insurance and you just need to notify the insurance company about the details of your new dog. Additionally, you may find that your current insurance company that already provides cover for your home or auto insurance is willing to give you a multi-policy discount by keeping all your insurances with the same company.

When you get dog insurance quotes for liability insurance remember that you can sometimes reduce your premiums and SAVE MONEY by providing details of dog obedience training that has been completed successfully.

Even if you already have dog homeowners insurance it is a good idea to check the level of cover with your insurance company. Ideally you should have a minimum of $100,000 for dog liability cover. If you own a medium sized dog or larger you should aim at $300,000 minimum. The premiums obviously increase with the amount of cover the policy provides however the premiums are usually still affordable to obtain $1,000,000 dog liability cover. If you can afford it or if you have more to lose you may want to consider the higher cover for peace of mind. Remember to ask about the cost of different levels of cover when you’re getting dog insurance quotes.

These levels of cover are also important to remember when you’re getting dog insurance quotes for canine liability insurance. If your dog homeowners insurance covers your dog but is very low, for example only $25,000 cover, then you should ask about an excess policy when you are getting your dog insurance quotes. An excess policy offers you a higher level of cover for situations that are already covered in your primary policy, such as your dog homeowners insurance.

More and more dog owners today want to obtain dog health insurance. As we become aware that such a policy exists, we realise how valuable it is to our family. Dog health insurance can save you thousands of dollars over your dog’s lifetime.

It is strongly recommended that when you are obtaining dog insurance quotes that you get them from about half a dozen different insurers because there are so many different options and different premiums for dog health insurance. By getting a variety of dog insurance quotes you will find big discrepancies between the premiums. If you don’t want to contact too many insurance companies then you can at least do a bit of extra research on the net for policy details before you get quotes. This may save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Dog health insurance covers a lot of different scenarios. Before you get your dog insurance quotes make sure the policy covers issues like surgery, cancer treatments, prescription medications and x-rays. These are the sort of treatments that add up to big dollars. Also make inquiries about whether your breed of dog is covered for hereditary conditions. If you are planning on your dog having puppies then you should also check whether pregnancy is covered. Pregnancy is often excluded for certain breeds so it is well worth checking before you commit to dog health insurance.