Dog Walker Liability Insurance

If you own or operate a dog walking business then is it imperative that you have dog walker liability insurance. Like any liability cover you need it to make sure you protect your personal assets.

Dog walker liability insurance can cover you when unforseen events happen in your business. If you are walking a dog and it suffers injury this is usually covered. Similarly, if the dog you are walking causes damage to another dog or person you could be covered. Obviously the worst scenario involves dog bites and you never know when a certain trigger can cause a dog to bite. In most States the dog walker can be held liable for acts that occur while the dog is in their care. The damage can be escalated if more than one dog is involved. Dog walkers often walk a large number of dogs at the same time so it is important to check if there are any limitations on the number in your dog walker liability insurance.

An important concept to be aware of when you are getting dog insurance quotes is the difference between bodily injury and property damage. As a dog walker you want to be covered for both. A dog that gets free of their leash can cause a lot of damage to expensive items. Some people even put top brand handbags down on the ground in dog parks so it is easy to chew up a thousand dollars’ worth of fashion in one snatch.

Apart from the benefits of protecting your financial assets, dog walker liability insurance also gives you a responsible image in the eyes of your clients. When dog owners choose a service they usually consider whether the business is acting professionally. If a dog owner is prepared to use the neighbor’s kid to walk the dog then they won’t be looking at dog walking services anyway. You can be fairly certain that when a person starts paying you money for dog walking they want you to provide a responsible service. Insurance helps you achieve this.

If you join a professional pet care organization you may be able to get dog insurance quotes through the organization. The advantage of joining is that you are seen to uphold high standards and this can help your business image when you are trying to build a client base.

Always consider whether you need to transport any of the dogs in a vehicle. If you are picking up dogs and taking them to a dog park or something similar you will need to ensure this is covered in your dog walker liability insurance.

Dog walker liability insurance is not exorbitantly expensive and it is an essential insurance policy for this type of business. When you are taking a policy be sure that it covers all your employees, alternatively ensure they are individually covered before they commence work.